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8 Things We Do Better


We get to know your business
We take the time to ask the questions necessary so we gain an understanding of your business and its goals. We can then use this knowledge to provide you with better advice about what to do next and how to best develop your web presence.


We provide the very counsel we would want to receive.
We believe in always telling you what you need to hear based on what we know and what we would want to be told if we were in your shoes. This means that what we have to say is not always what you want to hear. It also means that we will tell you if we believe that another solution provider can do a better job meeting a particular need.


We study to keep up with the changing market.
We have set aside time every single day to study new and applicable concepts and technologies so that we will always be ahead of the learning curve. We even run internal projects to test new technologies and add them to our portfolio.


We valiantly strive to deal with problems pro-actively.
In the process of extending our knowledge we often learn of issues and problems that could cause problems in the future. We also regularly do audits of our processes and capabilities with the future in mind. Our goal in all of this is to find potential problems before they rear their heads and deal with them before they cause trouble.


We monitor your competition.
We believe that technology is the fastest changing field ever seen. It takes vigilance to keep up with the changes in the market and some sectors change faster than others. While we don't follow every sector we do closely follow certain major sectors of the market and for many of our customers we actually do closely watch developments in their specific market sector.


We scale with you.
As your business grows so do your needs and your budget. We have experience adjusting our solutions and the options we offer you so they fit within your current budget. We always keep in mind the future growth of your company.


We always provide Value.
We make it one of our primary goals to always provide a high value proposition to each and every client. We often provide references to 3rd parties who are better able to serve a particular client's needs. It is our hope that they will return to us but even if they don't it is important to us that they get the best service possible.


We establish long term relationships
There is little worse than being forced to pick a new solutions provider mid stride. We desire to form life long relationships with each of our clients. We want to be the team member you turn to for online technology.

Jeremiah Stover, Founder of PragDev who specializes in Business focused DevOps

Entrepreneurs worry.

Let us worry for you.


"Jeremiah was very good to work with. He always took the time to ask the right questions and took his responsibilities very seriously. I appreciate all he has done for us. Diligent, is a great word to use! Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity."

Nancy Bogart,
Chief Executive Officer
Jordan Essentials Co.


"Jeremiah demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them in real-world production environments. He possesses a level of dedication and quality of work difficult to encounter in today's workplace."

Jeff Preletz,
Principal Consultant
SAP BusinessObjects


"Jeremiah was a trustworthy and friendly individual throughout his internship where we were both working. Over the course of the internship I came to appreciate his diligence and concern for the customers he was dealing with."

Ryan Short,
Customer Service Tech
Vision Forum